I want to touch you. Make you feel good. Make you shudder. I want to give you pleasure because giving you pleasure makes me feel good. Makes you feel good. I want to see the look on your face when I press my fingers against your wetness. When I sink my fingers into your body and curl them against that sweet spot inside of you… just like this.

I want to hear the noises you make. I want to hear the way your voice gets higher and higher as you get closer to coming. I want to hear the way you stop speaking in words as the pleasure overtakes you. I want to hear your breath hitch in your throat when I first touch you. I want to hear you whimper as you teeter on the edge of coming, ready to fall, ready to plunge down and down into pleasure.

I want to hurt you. To whip you, spank you, punish you, cut you. I want to hear the sound of leather smacking against flesh. Your flesh. Tender flesh. I want to see you flinch. I want to hear you cry out, and see the tears glistening in the corners of your eyes. I want this because I know the pain turns you on, that you need the pain every bit as much as you need the pleasure. Let me give it to you. Let me be your torturer.

I want to hear you beg. After I’ve whipped you, when your skin is still hot from my belt. When your body is shivering and you’re crying and your breath comes in heaving sobs. I want to reach down and touch you between the legs and find you wet. I want to hear you begging me to fuck you, to put my cock in you, to fill you and stretch you and use you. To make you feel good.

And I want to fuck you. Make no mistake about that. I want to feel your wetness and your tightness as I sink into you. I want to feel you squeezing me as you come. I want to feel the silky smoothness of your insides. I want to feel the way you grip me, tight and urgent, when I first push my cock inside of you.

I want all of these things. I fantasise about them. I need them. But most of all – more than anything else – I simply want you.


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