I know what it means when he calls me in to his office after work. It means he wants me. That is our arrangement. It is an unfair one. I want him all the time, but I can only have him when he calls me in. When he decides to have me. If it was up to me I’d give myself to him every single day, morning and evening. But that is not the way it works. He is in charge. I am his secretary. That is our arrangement.

He calls me into his office after work, and I lock the door behind me. The blinds are already down, and he is sitting behind his desk. His computer is off. He looks tired, but there is a glint in his eye – it is a look that I love and that I fear. A dangerous look. But I want danger. I want to hurt.

“Strip,” he says. And I obey. I peel off my sensible office blouse, and remove my skirt, folding them neatly over the back of the chair. I stand before him in my underwear. He stands. Faces me. I am holding my breath without realising it. How will he take me today? How can I serve him? Sometimes I think I live to be used by him. When he takes me I am happier than I ever am the rest of the time.

He reaches out and puts a hand on my shoulder. Pushes down. I know what this means, and I fold down onto my knees before him. He undoes his belt, frees his cock. Steps forward. I keep my hands behind my back, just like he instructed me. I raise my face to him and open my mouth. He guides his cock in between my lips. The fullness of it stretched my jaw wide open, invades my throat. I take it as deep as I can, wrap my lips around him and swirl my tongue against the head. He groans in pleasure.

His pleasure is my pleasure. Nothing can make me feel as good as making him feel good.

I keep my hands folded primly behind my back, just the way he likes. I use only my mouth. I’m good with my mouth. I suck. I lick. I wrap my lips tight around him and push as deep as I can go until the head of his is pushing against the back of my throat. I am a good secretary. A good slave.

He strokes my hair, and I move faster. Swirl my tongue more. My mouth is filled with saliva. With him. He twitches, hardens. I know what is coming. I pull back a little and close my lips around him. He comes. Hard. The hot, salty spurts of him fill my mouth, trickle down my throat. I swallow furiously, drinking down every drop I can get.

Once he’s done, I stay on my knees. I keep his cock in my mouth, gently licking it clean. He strokes my hair again. “Good girl,” he whispers. And that… that is all the reward I need.


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