Cassie had never met anyone off the internet before, but she hadn’t gotten laid in over six months, and the situation was becoming dire. She needed release. She needed a man. And she needed one soon. After much searching, she’d set up a profile on Kink Social and started messaging guys in the area. She hadn’t been short on responses, but one guy in particular had stood out.

She glanced nervously up and down the road. They’d agreed to meet outside the library. Nervous, she’d turned up about ten minutes early, and so was now lingering anxiously on the pavement. What if he didn’t turn up? Worse still, what if he turned up but didn’t like the look of her?

The photograph he’d sent had been almost impossible handsome. She couldn’t believe her eyes when she first opened it. And he’d been quite the gentleman in conversation as well. Cassie almost couldn’t believe her luck.

To pass the time she pulled out her phone and checked the picture again. A strong jaw, dark eyes and curly, messy hair that spilled down past his shoulders. He was everything she wanted in a man, and even looking at his picture made her pulse quicken. He had to be real. He just had to be.

When she looked up from her phone, it was to be confronted by the real life version of the man in the picture. He smiled and spread his arms. “Cassie, right?” he said.

Words failed her. He was every bit as beautiful in real life as he was in his pictures. They hugged briefly, and she caught a hint of his scent as well – it was perfect; masculine and clean and slightly exotic. She inhaled greedily while she could.

“Shall we go and get a coffee?” he said.

A crazy impulse washed over Cassie. It was insane, of course, but she had always had a bit of an impulsive streak. “We could do,” she said. “Or we could go back to my place and you could fuck my brains out.”

To his credit, he barely blinked. He simply smiled that easy smile of his and looked her up and down once more. Then he leaned in closer. “I was hoping you’d say that,” he said. Then he grabbed her by the hand and pulled her in close for a kiss that sent fireworks ricocheting through her body from the top of her head to the tips of her toes. She knew then that she’d made the right decision.

They took the first cab that pulled up, and climbed into the back. She gave the driver her address, and they peeled off through the streets of London. Cassie didn’t notice a single thing about the journey. His hands were on her, and he was kissing her, and she was lost in his scent and the strength of his body, and his blazing eyes, and those hands… those hands touching parts of her that hadn’t been touched in weeks, in months. She felt as though a dam was about to burst inside her.

Before she knew it, they had arrived at her house. He paid the driver, and she – breathless – scanned her card at the door. “Come on in,” she said. And, with a wicked smile, he did.


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