Start with the cross. Strip her clothes from her. Leave her standing there in just her black silk underwear, her arms crossed over her breasts for protection. Beautiful, isn’t she? With her long red hair tied back, her curvy body, her smooth legs and toned calves. She’s gorgeous.

Take her wrist and wrap a cuff around it. The leather is soft, and it is lined with fur. It fastens tight on her slender wrist. The dark black of it looks good against her skin. The other wrist next, so that she’s wearing a twin pair of cuffs. She shivers a little with anticipation as you secure the second in place.

Gesture for her to approach the cross. Obediently, she does, taking her place before it and raising her arms to the hardpoints without being asked. You clip the cuffs into place, then step back and admire the shape of her shoulder blades, of her back, her slender hips.

Next: her ankles. The cuffs are bigger, but they wrap into place just as snugly. There is no escaping these, no matter how much she struggles. She knows it. You shift her feet gently apart, and then clip her ankle cuffs into place on the two lower points of the cross.

And there she is, splayed before you, ready to be punished. She looks good like this. She looks edible. You take your time selecting an implement from the rack beside the cross. There are all manner of toys there for you to enjoy: crops and floggers and tawses and whips. After some deliberation you select a soft leather flogger. The falls are thin enough to sting, but light enough not to truly hurt. Something light to start with. You’ll play more heavily as the evening goes on.

Step up behind her and drag the falls of the flogger up her back. Let her feel the touch of it against her smooth, soft skin. She shivers with pleasure and pulls a little against her restraints. Step back now. Take aim. The first lash will be gentle, the second harder, and the third harder still. By the fourth she’s gasping every time the falls of the flogger snap against her back. Don’t let up.

You whip her hard and regular, enjoying the way she struggles, the way she twists and arches to escape the flogger’s sting. The skin of her back reddens. The regular snap of leather on flesh echoes through the dungeon.

Give her twenty lashes. Thirty. Then lower the flogger. As you move close you can feel the heat radiating from her skin. Lean close. Whisper in her ear. “More?” you say.

She pauses a moment, her breathing ragged. Then she nods. “Please,” she says. “More.”


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