We’d been friend for ages, and I had to admit that I was curious. Megan was always going on about the women she’d been out with and the crazy sex she’d had. Part of me, I’ll admit, was jealous. Part of me wanted to be as free and easy as her. I’d never even been with another woman, for example, whereas  Megan had slept with dozens of both guys and girls.

I guess, really, it wasn’t a surprise when it happened. It was something that had been on the cards for ages – we’d just been waiting for the right moment.

As it happened, that right moment came one night after an evening on the town. Both of us were drunk and curled up together on the sofa, watching crap TV and chattering about our evening. As time went on we cuddled up even closer to one another. I can’t pinpoint the exact moment when it became sexual, but we both knew when it did. We both felt it – there was a frisson in the air. Electricity. Something had changed between us.

Suddenly Megan’s hands were just looped loosely around me – they were exploring my body. Rubbing my shoulders, squeezing my breasts, brushing down over my stomach and hips. She was feeling me through the thin material of my dress. And I was doing the same to her. She was so soft, her flesh so tender and ripe. Softer than any man I’d ever been with.

And then we were kissing. It happened so suddenly I almost didn’t know what to do. But Megan lead me. She pressed her lips against mine and her tongue explored my mouth, and I felt myself melting into her. I wanted more. I wanted her to take me, to have me completely. And all of this without a single word between the two of us.

Megan then slipped to her knees and spread my legs, so that there was one on either side of her body. She kissed me again, and even as she did so her fingers were pulling my panties to one side, and I could feel the heat of her against me, and I was so turned on I could barely breathe.

“Let me lick you,” said Megan. “Yeah? Let me make you feel good?”

I didn’t know what to say, and so I just nodded. I’d gone beyond wanting her by that stage – I needed her. Needed to feel her. And when she pressed her tongue against me it felt so good that I almost came right then and there. She licked me up and down in long, lazy strokes, and she was more gentle and more attentive than any man. She slipped her fingers inside of me, first one, then two, and she licked me long and deep. I was clutching the cushions of the sofa, arching up, holding my breath.

“Megan,” I whispered urgently. But she kept licking me, and I couldn’t hold back any longer. With her fingers inside me, and her tongue on my clit, I came. Long. Hard. Deep. It felt like floating in the dark, my body full of stars. And Megan didn’t stop licking me even as I came. And I didn’t stop whispering her name.


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