She stands in the centre of the room with her hands on the back of her head. She doesn’t move. With the blindfold covering her eyes, her senses are heightened. She can feel the air of the room against her naked skin. She can almost sense him pacing around her, examining her from every angle. His eyes burn where they touch her skin. She burns too – she longs for him to touch her, to put his hands on her.

“Your body,” he murmurs in appreciation. She feels herself blush, but still she doesn’t move. He told her to stay still, and that is what she plans to do. She is exceptionally good at following instructions. Even so, it takes all of her willpower not to melt a little inside when his hand brushes over the flat skin of her stomach.

He’s close now. She can feel the warmth of his body, radiating through the air of the room to her. She’s quivering slightly, ready for the touch of his hands, the feel of his breath. When he puts his hand on the back of her neck it’s all she can do not to groan in satisfaction.

He draws her into a kiss. Obedient as ever, she keeps her hands where he put them – on the back of her head. But she returns the kiss. His tongue presses into her mouth, exploring her and claiming her in equal measure. His lips lock with hers, and they breathe the same air. She could do this forever. But then his hand is on her shoulder. Lower. On her breast, squeezing through the silky material of her bra. She gasps.

“So soft,” he murmurs, pulling back for a moment. And then he’s kissing her on the side of the neck, down the line of her jaw. Tingles run up and down her spine at his touch, and she arches her back. She longs to fold herself into him, to press her lithe little body against his big strong one. But she will wait. She will obey.

And now he’s kissing lower, over her naked shoulder. Her breasts – pausing for a moment to lick and nip and suck the nipple. Lower. Over her stomach and down, down, down. To her heat. To the hottest, softest, most sensitive part of her. He pauses there, his mouth an inch away from her. She can feel his breath reflecting off her. She can feel his hands resting on her hips.

“Beautiful,” he murmurs. And then he leans forwards and tastes her.


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